Park & gardens

Lighting up Lyme

Distant Drumbeat by Sean Griffiths is a new piece of interactive artwork, which will be on display from 13 June – 31 October 2015. Visitors to the garden can strike a series of drum pads, which will make the Lantern light up. 

Edwardian games

We have a range of Edwardian garden games for you to try on the lawns. Test your skills at quoits, croquet, giant skittles and boules. There is also much more in the garden for the kids to explore.


Volunteer groups are hard at work in winter clearing and burning rhododendron in the park, in spring planting thousands of bulbs in the garden, in summer helping with events and many more jobs as well.

Wildlife wows

The deer rut

Red Deer Rutting at Calke © NT/Peter Allman

One of nature’s most spectacular autumn sights is a red deer rut as male deer (stags) compete for females (hinds). The drama and noise as the males lock antlers and call loudly for does, is a wildlife wonder never to forget. 


Red Deer Rutting at Calke © Douglas Holden

Four of the five British owl species have been sighted at Lyme, so keep an eye (and an ear) out for them on your travels.


Hares are one of our most mysterious and secretive indigenous animals.  © Mark Lomas

They can be seen here at Lyme, especially in the spring when it’s possible to see them 'boxing', sitting in circles or racing and chasing each other.

Baby deer

Hares are one of our most mysterious and secretive indigenous animals.  © Mark Lomas

The deer calving season in spring is a real highlight in the wildlife calendar here at Lyme. Did you know that a baby fallow deer is called a fawn but a baby red deer is called a calf?

A lot of planting

Beautiful spring flowers

The Italianate Parterre and East Terrace are two areas of bedding which have over 20,000 – 25,000 plants for the different spring and summer schemes. There's always a different mass of colour, form and texture.