Wildlife wows

The dramatic rut may be over but the stags are still looking impressive around the park. There is also a lot more to see throughout the year at Lyme Park - keep checking back for updates.

Fallow deer

Unlike their bigger cousins, the fallow deer of Lyme Park remain inside the deer sanctuary all year round. During winter the sanctuary is not accessible to visitors but come in early spring and feel free to stroll through their private home.

Migrating birds

Waxwings are one of Britain’s most flamboyant winter migrants, with their distinctive call, distinguished outline and tell-tale crest. Normally seen in the North East but occasionally at Lyme until March.

Ranger blog

Keep up-to-date with all the wildlife and park updates throughout the changing seasons with the Lyme Park ranger blog. Share your photos on the wildlife gallery.

Veteran trees

Lyme Park is home to a number of veteran trees of different species. The oldest oak tree is 550 years old. The reason these trees are so important is because they support so many animals, insects and fungi - sometimes up to 260 species.