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An historic landscape full of natural beauty

For many years the commons have been at the heart of the local community. At over 874 acres, the wide variety of landscapes offers the perfect escape to the country.

From the Thames riverbank to woodlands and wildflower meadows, there's a lot to discover whether you're on foot, bike or even horseback.

For families, it's a natural playground with plenty of space to run around, fly kites, build dens or simply walk the dog. The miles of walks include links to the Chiltern Loop and Thames Path. And you'll find a multitude of country pubs along the way (not National Trust).

Explore the Commons

Come and enjoy the great outdoors together

Come and enjoy the great outdoors together

Maidenhead and Cookham Commons is a series of commons, stretching from Cookham in the east, to Maidenhead Thicket in the west to North Town Moor on the northern edge of Maidenhead.

Umbrellas or sunscreen?

The creation of the Commons

The Commons have always been at the heart of local life and over the centuries villagers have played a crucial role in ensuring their protection.

Stanley Spencer - celebrated artist

Born in Cookham in 1891, artist Sir Stanley Spencer became famous for capturing everyday village life here and the rural idyll of his surroundings.

Characters of the Commons

From bargemen to highway men, artists to authors many intriguing characters have helped shape the Commons we know today.