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We are a charity. Gift Aid is a government scheme where charities can reclaim money on your contribution from the HM Revenue & Customs.

If you are a UK taxpayer we can reclaim 25p for every £1 you give us.

Give more

If all of our members signed up to Gift Aid, we’d have more to spend conserving the places you enjoy.

Making a gift aid declaration

If you are a UK taxpayer, have a membership subscription, or have made donations to the Trust, you could increase the value of every £1 you give to £1.25, by joining the Gift Aid scheme. And it's at no cost to you.

Gift Aid allows us to reclaim from the Government the tax that you have already paid on your membership subscriptions and donations. If all our members agreed to Gift Aid we could claim millions of pounds more each year - vital extra funds that would help us in our important work.

To make your subscription worth even more to us, all you need to do is download the declaration form and return it to: The National Trust, PO Box 574, Manvers, Rotherham, S63 3FH.

More about the scheme

  • We can reclaim a quarter of your membership subscriptions and/or donations
  • Anyone aged 18 or over who is a UK income or capital gains taxpayer can make a Gift Aid declaration
  • One Gift Aid declaration covers your future donations and membership subscriptions, and can be back dated up to four years
  • Gift Aid is not a method of payment so you still pay your subscription in the usual way
  • You can cancel your Gift Aid declaration at any time simply by contacting our Supporter Services Centre on 0844 800 1895
  • Please note that we cannot reclaim tax on individual life membership, individual senior life membership or gift membership subscriptions

Quick and easy

Making a Gift Aid declaration is an easy way of allowing the National Trust to reclaim the tax you have already paid.