Our work

Dry stone walling

Wavering Down walkers © Jim Elliott

Wavering Down walkers

All over the Mendip Hills are dry stone walls. We make sure that they are all in good repair. A fantastic example of one of our projects can be seen on Crook Peak. This wall was completlety rebuilt by some of our fantastic volunteers.

Swaling and scrub bashing

Somerset swaling © Paul Harvey

Somerset swaling

In order to conserve the rare limestone grassland habitat on the Mendips we burn some of the gorse. This process is called swaling. It is done on a rotational cycle to promote a variety of habitats.

We also clear large areas of vegetation with our volunteers by scrub bashing. We chop down gorse brambles and hawthorn so that the species-rich carboniferous limestone habitat can thrive once again.

Woodland management

Kings Wood in the autumn © Jim Elliott

Kings Wood in the autumn

Sometimes we don't do anything at all. To maintain the ancient woodland and encourage regeneration we leave any trees that have been blown over by storms lying in the wood. Dead wood provides fantastic homes for small creatures.

Helping hands

  • A lot of hard work goes into the management of these sites
  • Our rangers make sure that the Mendips remain a wonderful place
  • If you see us, then say hi. We'd be happy to answer any questions
  • We can't do it alone...our volunteers are amazing