Facilities & access


  • Toilets - in Minchinhampton and in several pubs on the edges of the Commons (for customers)
  • Picnic areas - great spots to enjoy a picnic, but no picnic tables. Please remember to take your rubbish home with you
  • The historic Winstones Ice Cream Factory is situated on Rodborough Common and is open all year. There are often ice cream vans at Reservoir car park during the summer months
  • Pubs - several pubs on the edge of the Commons
  • Dogs are welcome, but please ensure they are kept under close control near livestock


  • Mobility parking - no designated spaces, but the Reservoir car park at Minchinhampton Common is on level ground. The adjoining land is accessible for wheelchairs and offers great far-reaching views
  • Pathways - both commons consist of fairly flat grassland, with some naturally uneven gravel paths crossing them. They can become boggy in wet weather. Rodborough Common has steeper gradients and rougher terrain
  • Benches - situated at viewpoints on both Commons