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We are still raising money for the restoration of the waterwheel © DW

We are still raising money for the restoration of the waterwheel

Donate towards the Heart of the Park project

Here is what your money could go towards...

  • Waterwheel restoration

    A £1 raffle ticket bought at Morden Hall Park donates £2 towards the waterwheel restoration project.

  • Storybooks

    £20 can go towards the purchase of storybooks for new community sessions which will be taking place in the new stable yard.

  • Plants and pots

    £100 can help us to plant around the stable yard.

  • Story telling cushions

    There will be new community groups taking place in the stable yard for under 5s and £250 can purchase the cushions for children and parents to sit on.

  • Bike racks

    We want to encourage everyone to live a greener lifestyle so it would be great if more people visited on their bikes. £500 will enable us to provide bike racks for visitors to store their bikes while visiting the stable yard.

  • Exhibition panel

    We are creating a new Livinggreen exhibition space which will encourage others to live greener. £700 will pay for a panel in the exhition space.

  • School materials

    Morden Hall Park is a popular place for schools to visit and as part of the project we are creating a new school session on the waterwheel. £1000 will help us create this new session.

  • Guide book or exhibit

    Morden Hall Park currently does not have a guide book and we are in the process of writing one. £5000 will pay for the production and printing, or could pay for an exhibit in the new Livinggreen exhibition space. We will be having some hands on exhibits so children and adults can learn more about sustainable renovation.

  • Hydroelectric turbine

    We have raised £250,000 so far but still need £100,000 to install the first Archimedes Screw in London. This turbine will produce all the electricity needed for the stable yard.