The early owners of the Morden estate

Morden Hall was built by the Garth family in the late 1700s © Morden Hall Park

Once marshland owned by Westminster Abbey, the Morden estate began its transformation to 'country seat' during the reign of Henry VIII. Discover its early owners.

Morden Hall Park: an industrial estate

Mill cottage and the snuff mill haven’t changed very much © NT Morden Hall Park

Snuff was a lucrative business during the 1800s and the two remaining snuff mills at the park nod to the estates industrial heritage.

A much-loved park

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Morden Hall

A view of the south side of Morden Hall covered in ivy © Morden Hall Park

Home, hospital and school, Morden Hall has had many uses and interesting tenants since it was built around 1770.

Morden Cottage at Morden Hall Park

 Morden Cottage in the 1930s © NT Morden Hall Park

Morden Cottage may be more modest than Morden Hall but it was once owner's house of choice.

Film star parties at Morden Hall Park

Visitors could get signed photos of their favourite stars for an extra fee © Morden Hall Park

From 1947 to 1952 thousands of film fans attended the annual Sunday Pictorial Film Garden Party hosted at Morden Hall Park.