The Long Stone

The Long Stone on Mottistone Common

The Long Stone on Mottistone Common

Visit the Long Stone, probably one of the Isle of Wight’s most misunderstood prehistoric monuments. Its history is shrouded in mystery and myth.

Mysteries unravelled

Read the fascinating story about the remarkable neighbour who discovered the true facts about the Long Stone.

Prehistoric archaeology

Look for clues as to how our ancient ancestors lived – and find out how they buried their dead.

From Iron Age to the Romans

Castle Hill and Mottistone Down

Castle Hill and Mottistone Down

The Ordnance Survey map indicates the site of an Iron Age castle on the Mottistone Estate, but it probably wasn't, and the Romans have left some evidence too.

More recent history

Read about the Mottistone Estate’s long and colourful farming history from first mention in the Domesday Book to the present day tenanted farm.

Today's Mottistone

Notables and buildings

Mottistone Church and Mottistone Manor form the heart of Mottistone village © NT

Mottistone Manor has a history rich with prominent Isle of Wight folk. Discover the families who inhabited the estate, the history of the buildings an…

The garden in summer

Midsummer roses © National Trust

In summer the garden is full of colour.

The garden in autumn

Autumn at Mottistone © National Trust

Autumnal colours bring a different perspective to the garden.