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Specialist conservators are helping in the restoration of furniture © National Trust

Specialist conservators are helping in the restoration of furniture

Lady Londonderry oversaw every detail of the creation of the interiors at Mount Stewart, with the same energy and eye for colour as she did the creation of the gardens - and in the same way she constantly refreshed and updated rooms that were looking tired.

Today many rooms are now looking sad. Nearly a century of use, exposure to light and gradual structural decay have eroded the quality and colour of many of the interiors. We need your help to transform the house from 'decayed elegance' back to the rich and ebullient grace of the 1920s up to the 1970s.

From furniture and fabrics to pictures and silver, all are now in need of restoration. Your gift will help us conserve or replace faded velvets and shredded silks, and stabilise and display hidden treasures from the Mount Stewart collection, before they are damaged beyond repair and lost forever.

Significant collection

The Londonderry family achieved great political influence in Ireland, UK and Europe over two centuries. Mount Stewart is the family’s last surviving home and has become the repository of possessions and the family’s collective memory.

Please help us conserve these wonderful items which are an intrinsic part of the history of Mount Stewart and a significant collection for visitors to view and experience life at this special place.

Help us to share with all who visit Mount Stewart, the special qualities that inspired Lady Londonderry to declare: 'this is truly the Land of Heart’s Delight'. By making a donation, you will help ensure that current and future generations can experience this spectacular place and we can re-create the paradise that Edith, Lady Londonderry envisioned.

Please donate today and help bring the spirit of Mount Stewart back to life.

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