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Red squirrels

Come to play hide and seek with our squirrels © Joe Cornish

The red squirrel is one of our most popular and well-loved mammals and Mount Stewart is one of the best places in Northern Ireland to see them.

Red squirrel walk

Red squirrels are a common sight at Mount Stewart, download our walk and follow the trail to spot them for yourself.

The lake

The main bird species on Mount Stewart lake are little grebe, mute swan, mallard, tufted duck, coot and moorhen. These birds are all resident in Northern Ireland.

Have you seen squirrels recently on the peninsula?

One of Mount Stewart's many red squirrels

One of Mount Stewart's many red squirrels

The Ards Peninsula currently has one of the healthiest populations of endangered red squirrels in Northern Ireland. However, there are concerns about the spread of the non-native grey squirrel and the National Trust is carrying out a survey to assess the spread of the grey squirrel into the area. If you do see any, please let us know.

Bird identifier

A garden warbler sitting on a branch © Billy Lindblom

Seen a bird that you didn't recognise at Mount Stewart?

Use this handy RSPB bird identifier to find out what it was in no time at all.

Plant identification service

Sweet pea growing in a walled garden © NTPL/Andrew Butler

Have you ever been intrigued by one of our plants?

Email us and a member of the garden team will try to provide an identification of the plant you are interested in (photo required).