Part of the 'ladies walk' over the lake © Mount Stewart

Part of the 'ladies walk' over the lake

The wetland areas and the lake are important features of nature conservation on the Mount Stewart estate. Overall they support good wetland communities with a number of notable plants and fauna.

The wetland areas

Included in the wetland areas is the lake, an extensive, man-made body of water with both planted and natural marginal vegetation, situated in the amenity grounds and part of the historic landscape of the estate.

There is an open-water channel in the sea plantation which is fringed by reedbeds, fen and wet woodland areas.

There are a few other wetand areas including streams and some lying marshy areas within the woodland plantation.

The lake

The main open body of water on the estate is the lake. The lake is part of the amenity area within Mount Stewart and this is reflected in the large amount of amenity planting around the lake. Significant among these is the white water lily and red water lily.

Water birds are a common feature on the lake and include the swan, mallard, coot, young grey heron, moorhen and little grebe.

A variety of common wetland and aquatic invertebrates have also been recorded in the lake including snails, damselflies and beetles. More notable is the whirlpool ramshorn snail.