Find purple wild flowers in the grassland © National Trust / Mount Stewart

Find purple wild flowers in the grassland

Formal grassland around the main house and lake

The area in front of the main house contains a number of specimen trees, well spaced in a parkland arrangement.

For the most part the grasslands are semi-improved with cock's foot, yorkshire fog, festuca rubra, sweet vernal grass, meadow fescue and agrostis capillaris among the grasses present.

Common sorrel, white clover, prunella vulgaris, mouse ear, creeping buttercup and daisy are common throughout the grassland.

Grassland around the Temple of the Winds

A grassy open area exists in front of the Temple of the Winds creating a view over Strangford Lough.

Herbs within the sward include red clover, white clover, sorrel, germander, speedwell, creeping buttercup with eyebright present in patches.

Grasses include abundant yorkshire fog, with false oat grass, sweet vernal grass, bents and cock's foot.

Coastal grassland

The area of coastal grassland is limited to a small fringe around the edge of the Sea Plantation.

Included within the sward are abundant red fescue, ribwort plantain, sweet vernal grass and bramble.

Meadow vetchling, red clover and tufted vetch are occasional, while black knapweed, cat's ear, lady's bedstraw, yarrow, false oat grass, ivy, creeping thistle and bird's foot trefoil are also occasional in patches.