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A guide chatting to visitors at Mr Straw’s House 

A guide chatting to visitors at Mr Straw’s House

There are so many ways to get involved here at Mr Straw's House. We have a friendly, close-knit community of volunteers, in a variety of roles, who all help to make sure every visitor leaves fascinated by the Straw family and their home.

Help us to make every visit to Mr Straw's House memorable - volunteer today.

Volunteering opportunities

Find out more about our range of volunteer roles. From room guiding to gardening, conservation to reception, there's bound to be something right for you at Mr Straw's House, whether you're looking to learn new skills, meet new people or get involved in the local community.

Life as a volunteer at Mr Straw's House

With so many roles to choose from, what is it like volunteering at Mr Straw's House?

We hear from Sheila Massey about what her roles involve, and why she thinks you should volunteer here too!


What do our team say about volunteering here?

  • I really enjoy meeting people and being able to help visitors have a nice visit - the whole social aspect really. And it's such a contrast to my paid job! - Lucy
  • I love history and telling people bits of history that I have learnt so this is perfect for me. Also I get to meet people from all around the country - Dale

Apply today

It's easy to get involved. Call us, email us, or return this application form by post. We'll be in touch to arrange for you to visit Mr Straw's House for a tour and a chat with a member of our team.

Volunteering with the National Trust

Find out more about volunteering with the National Trust.