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How do we conserve things at Mr Straw's? © James Day

How do we conserve things at Mr Straw's?

Our small conservation team work extremely hard to keep the Mr Straw's House and its collection in good condition. With over 30,000 objects to take care of, and such a small space to work in, this is no easy task. Find out more about how our housekeeper and volunteers ensure that Mr Straw's House will be here for generations to come.

Managing our collection

We have a team of volunteers dedicated to cataloguing, recording, and photographing the Mr Straw's House collection.

What happens when we're closed?

When Mr Straw's House closes to the public over winter, the house is almost busier than ever inside. There's a lot to get done in just a few months - find out more about what happens over winter.

Current projects

Find out more about the current projects that are going on at Mr Straw's House, and hear about what we've done in the past.

Volunteer with us

Ever thought about volunteering for the National Trust?

You'll be helping to keep our heritage alive, and to bring our extraordinary home to life for our visitors.

Help conserve Mr Straw's House for the future

Feeling lucky?

Feeling lucky?

By becoming a National Trust member here at Mr Straw's House, or by buying a raffle ticket or two, you are helping to ensure Mr Straw's House will be here for many years to come. Even buying a coffee or a guidebook from the shop helps. The money raised is re-invested in important projects related to conservation and collections work.