Behind the scenes

What goes on daily behind the scenes?

Every morning, our Housekeeper Kay is in early to prepare the house for the day's visitors.

This covers everything necessary to keep the house presentable, from vacuuming carpets to dusting surfaces, as well as performing important conservation tasks, such as monitoring temperatures and levels of humidity.

Throughout the day, conservation work takes place in our archives on objects such as Christmas cards, as the house itself is full of visitors.

Our housekeeper, Kay

Meet our housekeeper, and hear about what she does at Mr Straw's House.

Kay has been with us since we opened 20 years ago, so there's no drawer she hasn't opened.

Find out more about her role.

Christmassy conservation


One of our housekeeper's regular tasks is to monitor and conserve our Christmas card collection, and we're finding more all the time.

Times change...


This particular selection of Christmas cards dates from 1936, and they look quite different to the kinds of Christmas cards we send today.

Keep or recycle?


Do you think someone will come across your Christmas card collection in one hundred years time?

Or do you prefer to recycle your Christmas cards and stay clutter free?

What happens when we're closed?

When Mr Straw's House closes for the season, that's when the hard work begins, with the winter clean.

Every room has to be emptied of its contents, which are then sorted through, cleaned, and examined for any sign of damage or decay. With over 30,000 objects in the house, this is a daunting task. Attention and care is given to those objects that require it, before each room is put back exactly as it was.