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The 1980s gun carriages need replacing © David Watson

The 1980s gun carriages need replacing

Replacing the Needles' gun carriages

The carriages supporting our Victorian guns were made in the early 1980s and are now badly corroded. Each one supports a gun weighing 12 tons, so it's vital that they're in a good, strong condition.

There isn’t a great demand for replica Victorian gun carriages. But we've found a local supplier who can make them for £48,000.

How you can help us...

We've just started fundraising and £48,000 sounds like a lot of money.... it is a lot of money. Gun carriages aren’t something you can buy off the shelf; they have to be custom made. And the logistical challenges of lifting the guns off the old carriages on to the new, at a site where the only means of access is across a wooden bridge with a weight restriction, add to the expense. But we are sure with your help we can raise the money to give these guns the carriages they deserve.

...hit our target

  • Buy a £1 raffle ticket at the Battery and the appeal will get £2
  • Make a donation in one of our special collecting boxes
  • Show your support by wearing our soldier appeal badge
  • Hold a fundraising event for us
Each carriage supports a gun weighing 12 tons © John Millar

Each carriage supports a gun weighing 12 tons

Appeal update

We've already raised over £9,000, which is great. Around £800 has been raised in the donation boxes on the parade ground and a further £1,300 from our soldier badges. We have also received three generous donations from the following:

  • The Fortress Study Group
  • Wight 10
  • Isle of Wight Association of National Trust Members