Nether Alderley Mill in 1908 © Nether Alderley Mill Images

Nether Alderley Mill in 1908

Providing a village with bread for generations

From the 1500s until 1939, the mill was worked by a series of millers who lived in the village with their families. Sadly, after wheat became more expensive and technology moved on, milling at Nether Alderley Mill became increasingly difficult to continue profitably until, in the 1930s, it stopped altogether.

In 1950, the mill was given to National Trust by Major J.A. Shelmerdine.

The millers of Nether Alderley Mill

John Rawlins pictured with his son who were the last two millers

John Rawlins pictured with his son who were the last two millers

There have been several millers over the centuries, and sometimes the mill passed down from father to son.

The machinery

The grain is milled by machinery which is over a hundred years old. The miller had to constantly check on the machinery to ensure the quality of the flour was top notch.

The Village

The mill was part of the community of Nether Alderley, which was cared for by the powerful Stanley family.

St Mary's Church

St Mary's church was an important part of the Nether Alderley community.

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