Come for a wild walk

Come for a wild walk

We have created a 1½ to 4-mile route for you to follow - download the Newtown walk here.

One of the best places to explore by foot on the Isle of Wight is Newtown National Nature Reserve. There's so much more here though - find out where...

Dog walking

Walk your dog at Newtown. It's a great place to explore, but you'll need the lead for your dog.

The Isle of Wight offers some of the best walking in the UK, not just for you but for man’s best friend, too.

Bird watching

Newtown provides perhaps the best opportunity for bird watching on the Isle of Wight. We have three bird hides and knowledgeable volunteers - and some terrific birds.

It’s not the only place to spot birds though...

Butterfly spotting

Newtown is especially good for butterflies because of its range of habitats, with wildflower meadows and salt marsh.

Butterflies love the Isle of Wight, and some of their favourite habitats are on places we care for.

Discover wildflowers

Newtown boasts one of the best wildflower meadows on the island, full of lovely orchids in early summertime.

On the Isle of Wight we make a special effort to encourage wildflowers in various habitats.


Newtown is a particularly good centre for cycling since the roads are quiet, and it's beautiful - and flat.

Whether off-road or on quiet lanes, the Isle of Wight offers some of the best cycling opportunities in the UK...

Uncover some history

Seek out some history

Seek out some history

Newtown has a particularly fascinating past with its rotten borough status and salt and brick industries. Visit Newtown Old Town Hall and find out about the mysterious Ferguson Gang.

The Isle of Wight may not be large, but there is plenty of history to be found on our land...