The Old Town Hall from the south © National Trust

The Old Town Hall from the south

The hall that time passed by

The story of Newtown's past prominence is told within the walls of this quiet, quirky building. Find out about the brick makers, the politicians and the Newtown Pied Piper who make up its history; discover the Ferguson Gang who saved it for the nation.

Newtown, a town hall with no town

Visitors to Newtown are often bemused by the fact that the Old Town Hall sits surrounded by fields with only a few houses and a small church nearby. Why was it built and what was it used for?

Did you know?

  • Newtown was a medieval 'planned' town built on a grid system in 1256.
  • It used to be called Francheville, which means 'Free Town'.
  • In 1377 the French invaded the north of the island, including Newtown.
  • Newtown used to be represented by two MPs.
  • MPs for Newtown included George Canning who became Prime Minister.
  • In 1699 the new hall was built on the foundations of the old hall.

Saved by the Ferguson Gang

The Old Town Hall was the second building saved from dereliction by our most unusual benefactors, a group of eccentric young women known as the Ferguson Gang.