Caring for special places

Looking over the water to Haystacks in the distance © Emily McCloy

Looking over the water to Haystacks in the distance

Caring for special places is at the heart of the National Trust's work in the north-west. We look after some of Britain's most cherished spaces, 365 days of every year. But to keep those places special, for ever, for everyone, we need your help. Your donations are essential to ensure that our wildlife and historic buildings can be enjoyed by generations to come

Look after our fells


Have you ever triumphed at summiting a Lakeland hill, only to be dismayed at the eroded descent path before you on the other side? Erosion is not a new problem but we can make a difference.

Support our reds

One of our special furry friends © Peter Reed

We’re asking for your help this winter to develop homes for future generations of red squirrels at Formby. We must raise £1,600 to plant half a hectare of mixed conifers and £2,400 for new fencing to shield young trees.

Houses need help too

Hands on: A visitor in replica costume tries writing with a quill pen 

Our historic homes are part of the living north-west landscape, but ensuring they can remain open for all will depend on raising funds for essential care and repairs

The millwrights and tacklers of Quarry Bank Mill in c.1880 © Quarry Bank Mill Images

The millwrights and tacklers of Quarry Bank Mill in c.1880

Saving Quarry Bank Mill

Quarry Bank was part of one of the largest cotton spinning businesses in the UK. Masterminded by Samuel Greg, and his wife, Hannah, they built a unique factory community that helped Britain drive the Industrial Revolution. Before it's too late, we want to share the stories of the mill - its owners, workers and apprentices.