Nostell's people

Nostell's people

Photograph of the locals gathering at Nostell Priory for Hospital Sunday   © National Trust

Photograph of the locals gathering at Nostell Priory for Hospital Sunday

Since our WW1 project started in June 2013 we have been gathering a remarkable collection of war stories. Such stories are helping us to develop a vivid picture of what life was like at Nostell Priory and the surrounding areas during the war - from the experiences of soldiers, miners, farmers, nurses, teachers, mothers, munitions workers, to the staff and inhabitants of Nostell Priory itself.

Eva White

Local girl Eva is one of WW1's forgotten heroes. She started working at Barnbow munitions factory after her fiancé died in the battle of the Dardanelles. She worked long shifts in dangerous conditions and saw many serious accidents.

John Turton

Local miner John Turton was one of seven brothers to serve during WW1. Read how he heroically sacrificed his own life by shielding his comrades from a gas bomb blast. John's family still live in the local village of Ackworth and have shared his story with us. 

Harold Hepworth

Harold was the son of Nostell Priory's Gamekeeper. He wrote numerous hearfelt letters home to his wife Teresa (known as Peggy) about his experiences at the front.

Aquila Gough

Aquila lived with his family just a stone's throw from Nostell Priory in 'Pit Yard'. Though being in a reserved occupation, Aquila faced daily dangers in his work at Nostell Colliery, which was owned by the Winn family.

Albert Holstead

Albert lived in the local village of Featherstone where he worked as a painter and decorator. He enlisted in 1915 and saw action in France and Eygpt. Albert was declared missing in action in 1918 and his family were never to know what happened to him.

Nostell and beyond

We have been overwhelmed by the number of moving and powerful WW1stories shared with us by visitors and volunteers. Not all of them relate directly to life at Nostell Priory, however each in their own way offer a telling picture of the hard realities of war. Read some of these incredible stories here.