Spring redesign of Nymans' summer borders

Gardeners lift the summer borders at the end of the flowering season © Nymans

Gardeners lift the summer borders at the end of the flowering season

Nymans garden team were challenged by their former head gardener, Ed Ikin, to review the planting design of Nymans iconic summer borders. They've put their heads together over the colder months, whilst tackling bindweed, and have come up with a redesign.

What's been happening over winter?

You may have noticed the absence of our usual over-wintering green beans in the summer borders. Over the winter the garden team have been hard at work lifting existing perennials, digging over the beds and hunting out as much bindweed as possible. The perennials that have been lifted will be kept and divided, their roots cleaned to remove any remaining bindweed ready for replanting in the early summer.

What's new?

The new design for the summer borders is based on a four-tier structure: the first two tiers will be solely dedicated to annuals, the third will be a mixture of perennials and dahlias and the fourth tier will be perennials with clumps of grasses. The dahlias within the scheme will be scaled down with fewer repetitions and we will be adding in some new varieties of the old style.

The back two perennial lines will involve reusing the existing asters, heleniums, Rudbeckia and Veronicastrum while also gaining a few new varieties. Due to many of the back perennials being too large for the border we have had to substitute the Eupatorium and Echinops with new smaller varieties to enable the display to be in scale with the annuals in the front two rows.

Visit us this summer to enjoy the new design and let us know what you think. The borders are usually at their peak in July and August, and the dahlias provide vibrant colour through September. Watch our website and Facebook page for the latest updates.

Vanessa Simon