Seasonal colour for the Nymans rock garden

See the colourful acers in full bloom during the autumn © 98209/NTPL

See the colourful acers in full bloom during the autumn

After recent restoration work the rock garden looks dramatically different. However, a combination of rabbit damage and the slow growing nature of alpine plants means that in places it needs a bit more colour. Claire Connely from the garden team is responsible for caring for this part of the garden and she is determined to turn it into something really special at autumn.

Seasonal highlights

Nymans is a beautiful place to be in the autumn and Claire wants the rock garden to reflect this. There are already some amazing seasonal highlights with the acer in the centre bed having exquisite autumn colour. To compliment this new bulbs have been planted to create a spectacular autumn display.  Smaller alpine plants have been added as well which will nestle in among the rocks. Claire plans to add a variety of ornamental grasses which will provide all year interest with the Indian ricegrass - (Oryzopsis hymenoides) in particular looking spectacular in the autumn morning light.


Claire will also plant perennials that have interesting seed heads in autumn such as eryngiums, sedums and phlomis. With the addition of some new rocks in the garden and the restoration of the Chinese structure on top of The Mount there will be some dramatic changes to the rock garden over the coming months.