Autumn woodland weekend at Nymans

Will you be able to track a toad? © NT/Nymans

Will you be able to track a toad?

The woodland weekend on 5 and 6 October is a way for us to share and show all things of wood and woodland at Nymans. We will be hosting two days of displays, crafts, interactive activities and fun with the woodland volunteers giving an insight into their world of conservation and woody creation. Guest craftsman will demonstrate their skills both traditional and modern.

Woodland characters

Not to miss out on the  ‘Wind in the Willows’ action, we’ve never been in doubt that our woods hold a whole host of resident characters including toads, rats, moles, badgers and weasels. Maybe even one day we'll be able to celebrate the return of the otter. Although they’re not as conspicuous as their literary counterparts, they leave signs of their presence in the woods and waterways as they live out their lives – autumn is a great time for animal tracking and one of the 50 things to do before you’re 11 ¾. What tracks will you find when you visit?

Colourful trees and insects

Willows are one of the many tree species we have growing here and are an understated but very important wildlife tree which support over 800 different species of wildlife  -  far more even than the oak. They are a favourite breeding ground of the gorgeous purple emperor butterfly and an early source of nectar for the brimstone butterfly.

If you’re wrapped up warm the woods are a spectacular place to appreciate the changing seasons – try and spot the wild service trees one of the first leaves to turn and most colourful of our native trees in autumn.