The beauty of the garden in winter

Winter wonderland at Nymans © NT/Ed Ikin

Winter wonderland at Nymans

Latest update 11.12.2013 11:59

Winter is the time when you expect the garden to be wrapped up and put to bed. The reverse is true at Nymans where we are lucky enough to  have a garden for all seasons. Now is a fantastic time to see the garden at it's purest.

In winter the structure of the garden is made more visible, the ruins and eccentric topiary on the terrace stand alone, creating an atmosphere of mystery and intrigue.The pinetum too, with its collection of coloured conifers and evergreen pines provide a touch of green when all other trees are bare.

Look carefully

If you know where to look you'll find the garden still has plenty of colour to admire. 'Winter Walk' comes into its own at this time of year; white stemmed brambles, dainty cyclamen and winter flowering heathers are all beautiful in December, while the bark of the cherry trees and birches shimmer with frost, the ornamental grasses gleam golden in the low winter sun. Our striking collection of dogwoods are the brightest and boldest of additions to our mid winter display, their dazzling stems brightening up even the bleakest of days.

As well as colour there are many delicious scents drifting through the garden. Daphnes, sarcococca and winter-flowering honeysuckles all provide a sweet treat for the nose as you stroll through the garden.

So wrap up warm and come and admire the garden as the seed heads glitter in the winter frost and explore the winter wonderland that is Nymans.