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Gardeners lift the summer borders at the end of the flowering season © Nymans

Gardeners lift the summer borders at the end of the flowering season

Our iconic summer borders had outgrown themselves, literally. Towering perennials blocked views of the walled garden, so this year the garden team had a rethink and have made some exciting changes to the planting design.  We've now created a more succinct and harmonious display.

Sunk Garden Rediscovery Project

Gardener Ness Simons plants a second row of yew columns at Nymans © National Trust/ Jemma Donaldson

Gardener Ness Simons plants a second row of yew columns at Nymans

Our latest rediscovery project has focused on the sunk garden, an area south of the house that had become progressively hidden by overgrown rhododendrons and camellias. Our garden team have worked to restore views from the front of the house down towards the southern end of the garden and reinstate the bowl surrounding a lovely Byzantine urn. Discover more about this project, including the new planting design for the sunk garden, inspired by the charming Italianate loggia.

New-look knot garden

During 2012 the garden team carried out a new design in the knot garden. New box hedging has been planted up with a colourful selection of late-flowering and insect-friendly plants.

Fancy South Africa anyone?

Our latest addition to the garden is a newly planted South African bed. Crammed with grasses, perennials, bulbs and annuals, the low-growing design replicates a native South African meadow.

Bordering on the exotic

The terrace along the house and ruins facade has been transformed into an exotic oasis.

Discover more garden projects underway at Nymans.

  • A touch of Italy in the sunk garden at Nymans

    At Nymans we're redesigning our sunk garden. This part of the garden was relatively hidden by a dense ring of overgrown camellias. The new design brings an Italian charm to a rather neglected part of Nymans. Work is under way and will continue until spring 2013.

  • Creating the new tennis lawn border at Nymans

    The tennis lawn border at Nymans has been redesigned during 2011 by Issie, our third year Careership who graduated this summer. Her brief was to create an exciting design using plants from the Mediterranean climates of the world that would thrive on this hot south-facing site. Issie has spent the duration of her time at Nymans researching and planning this p…

  • All year round interest for the Nymans rock garden

    We're working on all year round interest in the Nymans rock garden with stunning acers and striking seed heads and a spectacular spring bulbs collection.