Seasonal garden delights

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In the nursery

We're always busy in the nursery with plants to prick out, pot on and harden off. We grow plants here for our Plant and Garden centre. Come to our monthly nursery open days to see us in action.

What are we working on this spring?

  • Sowing seeds for this years summer borders.
  • Pruning roses and wisteria.
  • Lifting & diving perenials in our herbaceous borders.
  • Planting some new rocks in the rock garden.
  • Planting snow drops in the green.
  • Cutting back deciduous grasses.
  • Planting lots of new alpine plants in the rock garden.

Meet Nymans' head gardeners

Since 1890 Nymans has had only four head gardeners. Their personalities and passion for plants have made Nymans the great garden it is today.

Stunning Spring

Floriferous Nymans

Bulbs and cherry blossom make springtime an enchanting time © National Trust

Nymans is a remarkable place to be in spring. The garden comes alive with the sound of bird song and bulbs begin to flower in their thousands. Magnolia bursts in to bloom and cherry trees are strewn with blossoms.  It is hard to imagine a lovelier place to be. 

Formal gardens

A bee collecting pollen froma Spring crocus. © Mike Perry

The garden is jam-packed with colour at this time of year. We have a huge collection of spring flowering trees, shrubs and bulbs. Against the back drop of the ruins and the delightfully eccentric topiary, these floriferous delights combine to create a garden that will delight and enchant you.

Spring bulbs

Golden daffodils carpet the lawns © Mike Perry

The dark days of December are over and now everywhere you turn the garden is bursting into life. Swathes of bulbs carpet the lawns and flower beds. Golden daffodils brighten up even the dreariest of days, while Iris and Crocus form a technicolour quilt throughout the garden. Nymans is at its most enchanting in Spring with a floral surprise around every corner.

The Messels' garden

Expansive lawns set against dramatic ruins © Lucy Heal

The Messel family were passionate about plants, gardening and design. We continue to garden in the spirit of the Messels.  As a result, our garden is constantly evolving, developing and being restored. Come and admire our newly redesigned Sunk Garden, the views that have been revealed at Holly Corner and enjoy our revamped Summer Borders.

Spring saunters

Carpets of stunning bluebells © Mark Richards

Nymans is a magical place in spring and the perfect place for a spring time saunter. The beautiful bulbs are popping up everywhere and there are lots of fun events for all the family to enjoy.

Meet some of our gardening team