A garden for all seasons

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In the nursery

We're always busy in the nursery with plants to prick out, pot on and harden off.  

You can buy some of the plants we grow at Nymans in our plant and garden centre by the shop. 

What are we working on this spring?

  • Re-landscaping around the welcome hub
  • Planting olives and removing eucalyptus in the Mediterranean bed
  • Propagating plants for the summer borders
  • Creating a new planting scheme in the sunk garden
  • Planning a new planting scheme around the mount based on a Japanese theme

Meet Nymans' head gardeners

Since 1890 Nymans has had only four head gardeners. Their personalities and passion for plants have made Nymans the great garden it is today.

Spectacular spring

Magnificent magnolias

The frothy pink flowers on magnolia trees © NT/Andrew Honour

Nymans has a splendid array of Magnolias to see in the Spring including Magnolia stellata, Magnolia x veitchii, which was crossed in 1907 in the Royal Nurseries near London, and Magnolia sargentiana var robusta which was a seed from one of the original trees discovered by the famous plant collector Ernest Henry Wilson in China in 1908. Don't forget to look out for Magnolia ‘Cecil Nice’ named after the Head Gardener at Nymans from 1930-1984, Magnolia ‘Michael Rosse’  and last, but not least, Magnolia ‘Anne Rosse’.

Colourful camellias

Stunning camellias are in flower throughout spring  © NT/Nymans

Nymans has a fantastic collection of Camellias many of which are old varieties that were bred in Victorian times. Some of these camellias have a special connection to Nymans; Camellia ‘Leonard Messel’, introduced in 1958, has handsome rose-pink double flowers and Camellia ‘Maud Messel’ with its stunning pink flowers named after Leonard's wife. Both can be seen in full flower at the moment, let us know your favourite.

Spring Heathers

Winter flowering heather at Nymans © Colourful heather at the souch end of the garden

You'll find something in flower during every season in our heath garden. Planted originally around 1902 ,when the idea of having heathers in a garden in this country was something very new indeed, our heather garden was one of the first of its kind in Britain. There are lots of heathers to be seen here in flower in the spring, most of which are cultivars of Erica Carnea. Heathers are very important to Nymans and we have just been awarded a Plant Heritage collection of Erica & Calluna – Sussex Heather Cultivars

Spring strolls

Daffodils at Nymans, West Sussex © NTPL/John Miller

Nymans is a magical place in springtime with carpets of bluebells in the woodland and masses of flowers throughout the garden.

From narcissi to crocuses, tulips and snowdrops, you'll find the garden bursting with blossom and blooms as the sun warms the garden and the leaves start to unfurl. 

Meet some of our gardening team

  • Meet Gardener Kirstin Kelly

    Get to know some of our gardening team a little better. Kirstin Kelly has worked at Nymans for 4 years & tells us a bit more about herself here.

  • Meet gardener Jon Keen

    Jon's been a gardener at Nymans for 16 years, arriving initially as a work experience trainee then staying on to become responsible for one of Nymans most photographed features - the June borders.