Fire and sculpture comes to Nymans

Denis Tricot transforms landscapes with his elegant wooden sculptures © Denis Tricot/Arts Agenda

Denis Tricot transforms landscapes with his elegant wooden sculptures

Latest update 22.01.2014 09:45

French artist Denis Tricot transforms buildings and landscapes with his elegant wood sculptures. Starting out his career as a carpenter, initially building toys, Denis moved on to create furniture and wooden houses. This winter Denis’ Sculpture installation will be on view in the garden from Saturday 11 January until Wednesday 19 February.

Blowing the cobwebs away....

Denis has been involved in many exciting projects. He’s looked at ways of exploring public spaces, creating new dynamics at historic sites and challenging art forms. With his keen interest in botany and love of the English landscape, Nymans really appealed to Denis, particularly the colour and form of the garden as well as its scale and vistas. Denis was drawn to the partial ruin of the house, feeling that it was incorporated as part of the planting scheme. Together these elements have inspired his new installation for 2014.

Denis’ work stays in situ for some time but eventually the materials deteriorate; it is the temporary nature of his work that Denis enjoys about each individual piece. For the time that it is there Denis feels his work ‘puts wind into people’s heads’, literally blowing the cobwebs away.

Poplar wood and halyard string

The stunning sculptures are created from poplar wood because it's solid but, at the same time, very light. As poplar wood doesn’t have many knots it makes it easier to work with. A French sawyer supplies Denis with his wood. After fifteen years of working together, the sawyer – based in the Cantal region of France- understands the qualities Denis is looking for which influences the way he cuts the wood and which pieces are set aside. Denis also uses nylon string supplied by a net maker – he calls it his halyard (a nautical term for the line that hoists the sail). There is an interplay between the wood making the curves and the string making the straights which defines Denis’ installations.

When not travelling around the world creating and performing, Denis lives in Mortagne, on the Gironde estuary. He relaxes by going out in his canoe, making jam from his orchard and tending to his cactus collection.