Wildlife sculpture in Nymans woods


Toad, stag beetle and woodlouse chainsaw sculpture © Chris Ralph

Toad, stag beetle and woodlouse chainsaw sculpture


If you’d like to wrap up warm and take a walk into the area of our woods known as Pookchurch,  you can see some wildlife that is larger than life and a joy to see at any time of year.

I’m talking about the amazing chainsaw sculpture crafted by David Lucas this autumn during our Woodland Weekend. It is formed from the vast trunk of a beech tree that was felled due to decay and the beautifully formed toad, stag beetle and woodlice were chosen to illustrate how important dead wood is to woodland ecology.

The message is, that this tree, far from reaching the end of its useful life will provide food and lodgings to a whole myriad of animals, insects, plants and fungi for many many years to come – not to mention a comfortable seat for you to rest on and take time to enjoy your surroundings.

We'd love to have more of Dave's work at Nymans. If you'd like to donate towards this project please contact us at nymans@nationaltrust.org.uk , or call01444 405250.

Chloe Bradbrooke

Senior Ranger