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Rejuvenate yourself?

Otto's successful invention the rejuvenator made him a rich man and enabled him to purchase his place in the sun.

Watch this film and find out more about this slightly wacky piece of equipment.

Discover more amazing things in our collection.

A musical visit

Listen to the polyphon play every 30 minutes in the Overbeckâ¿¿s Museum

Listen out for the polyphon when you explore the house.

This wonderful 'jukebox' from the 1890s plays exquisite tunes every hour. Otto Overbeck's was so charmed by the machine, so the story goes, that he bought it from a local pub and brought it up to the house in a horse and cart.

Close your eyes once the disc begins to turn and imagine yourself back to the turn of the century when these mechanical music boxes were the latest high tech toys.

Finding Fred

Looking for Fred the ghost at Overbeck's

Looking for Fred the ghost at Overbeck's

Finding our resident miniature ghost called Fred is the highlight for many visiting Overbeck's. 

Once inside the house, children are invited to find the secret door and discover where Fred might be hiding. Every day he finds a new hiding place in one of the doll's house interiors. We never know where he'll be from one day to the next. 

Fun games

Playing a game of giant Jenga on the lawn

Games on the lawn are popular with our young visitors.

Giant brick towers and dominoes can played on the front terrace whilst the grown-ups can enjoy teas and coffees nearby.

For the more adventurous, the gardens are great for hide and seek. Or if you really want a challenge try one of the indoor quizzes. 

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Our pick of the best walks in the area

Easy access paths to more strenuous hiking trails

Easy access paths to more strenuous hiking trails

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