Oxburgh Explorer Programme

The Oxburgh Explorers are a series of interactive sessions, designed to bring history to life. The Explorers are all property based, either in the house or grounds and offer an opportunity for pupils to gather primary research through a variety of exciting and stimulating activities.


Oxburgh Hall - Delve in to the past of this magnificent moated Tudor manor house and discover some of its secrets including hidden doors and a priests hole.

Towers and Turrets - Discover the defensive features of a fortified manor house and discover the purpose of the moat, murder holes and and explore the original gatehouse battlements. Supports the study of castles

Current Explorers

Domestic Life - Handle artefacts, from spoons to bleeding bowls. What are they made from? Who would have used them? ..... Is life really so different today?

Costume - Don a costume and step back in time. What it was like to be a beggar, a blacksmith or a baroness? Discover the differences between rich and poor and who wore the trousers.


Art - Learn about the language or portraits and paintings of the Tudor period. Discover the role of symbolism and then use the information to create a star to show who you really are.

Document Seal - Look at the purpose and use of seals in the past. Find out where ink came from and what pens were made from, then make a clay seal to take home.