Wildlife Explorers

Oxburgh has spectacular gardens and a variety of woodlands. We offer three activites that make full use of these terrific grounds to enhance students understanding of the natural world. They make an excellent addition to the Tudor house based Explorers or as a stand alone activity.

Woodland Habitat

Study a woodland habitat. Investigate and identify the trees and plants. Discover the age and height of a tree and its mini beast inhabitants; use all your senses to understand this secret place!

Garden Explorer

Explorer the gardens of Oxburgh, see what is growing in the kitchen garden, is there fruit on the trees in the orchard? Various activities may include planting the parterre, digging and planting the veggie patch. Taking cuttings, planting some for Oxburgh and making your own plant pot to take one home.

(The activities vary and change according to the season)

Water Explorer

 Water is very important to Oxburgh, from the Moat to the river the daily existence of the Hall and its inhabitants has depended for 500 years on a constant supply of water. Investigate the pond to discover its inhabitants and discover the reason the moat must not dry up. Look at the water cycle and the importance of trees.