Behind the scenes

A day in the life of the Conservation Team

Caroline, Jo and Lucinda enjoy their daily routine at Packwood © Sally Renwick

Caroline, Jo and Lucinda enjoy their daily routine at Packwood

Your day as part of the Conservation Team will always be varied and interesting. You will work surrounded by glorious textiles, 16th century furniture and an atmosphere that is unsurpassed. The team will support you in your work, helping you to learn and develop as well as providing you with opportunities for responsibility and for developing your own ideas for conservation engagement.

Meet Freddie, our mouser

Our hard working Freddie

Freddie works hard behind the scenes as our resident mouser. When not at work, he can often be found sunning himself in the Kitchen Garden.

Meet our friendly old telephone

This old phone resides in our main office

This phone was the original one used for external calls to the house. It now resides in our main office, with a slightly comical expression.

In case of fire - the sign used by staff

The old 'In case of Fire' sign

This sign let staff know where the nearest extinguisher was in case of fire. If there was no answer to their initial call, they were told to 'Send chauffeur in car to telephone exchange at Pottertons, Kingswood Store'.