The old railway line forms part of a cycle trail between Lustleigh and Bovey Tracey. The Parke section is about 1.5 miles - an ideal place for a family cycle.

Try off-roading for more excitement.


What's in this cache? © John Millar

What's in this cache?

Geocaching is a modern day version of letterboxing using a GPS.

See if you can find the caches hidden at Parke.  GPS units are available to  hire - £2 for half a day - please book in advance.


Try not to get lost .... © Ian Shaw

Try not to get lost ....

We've four orienteering courses of varying difficulty:

Running and walking

Lovely day for a run © National Trust staff

Lovely day for a run

You're free to run or walk throughout Parke, but if you'd rather follow a set route, there are three mapped out.

Your dogs can come with you too, but please keep them under close control.

Alternatively, you can try Parkrun, a 3 mile (5km) cross-country route every Saturday morning at 9am from 5 April - sorry no dogs for this organised event.

50 things to do before you're 11¾

A cosy woodland dwelling

A cosy woodland dwelling

Get wild in the outdoors and see if you can rise to the challenge. Lots of the things in your scrapbook can be done here at Parke (the record stands at 35 in one day). We've put a few suggestions on a map for you, to help you get started.


Take in the view while you have a break for lunch

Dine out at Parke. Make a day of it and bring a picnic.

Come armed with a blanket and you could sit by the river or in the meadows. There are also benches dotted around the woodland and tables by the walled garden.

Become a real-life Dartmoor explorer with our tracker pack © Paul Harris

Become a real-life Dartmoor explorer with our tracker pack

Dartmoor tracker pack

Choose an activity below, then check out the kit bag page.  The activities can be done anytime and anywhere, but be careful when the rivers are full and fast flowing.

When you're an experienced explorer see what you can find on Dartmoor.  Don't forget to get the grown ups to read the safety tips before you set off.  Ok, ready... steady... go

Tracker pack activities

Adventure stick

What can you find today? © Froghopper Design

See what you can find on your expedition.  There are a few things you have to get ready before you go ....

Camouflage mask

What can you spy from your hiding place? © Froghopper Design

See if you can make a mask so good that you can blend into the background.

Human camera

Get snap happy now.... © Froghopper Design

Share your favourite photo with your friends.

Nature's orchestra

Get in tune with nature © Froghopper Design

See what you can find around you to make an instrument with and join in with nature.

Perfect riverside homes

Who lives here? © Froghopper Design

Find the ideal home for the creatures on this expedition sheet.

River snakes

Look at the wonderful shapes the rivers make © Froghopper Design

Make a collection where the river snakes.

Slow flow or speedy sprint

How fast's the river flowing today? © Froghopper Design

Can you work out how fast or slow the river's flowing today?

Top tracker

Who's footprints are these? © Froghopper Design

Use our tracker chart to see who you can track down.

What's rocking and rolling

I wonder what treasures you'll find in the river .... © Froghopper Design

When the river's not flowing too fast, you can explore and see what you can find.  Make sure you wear your wellies for this expedition .... 

Wonderful words and river rhymes

What's the river like today? © Froghopper Design

Use these river words to help you to describe your favourite river.