Lifting the lid on Paycocke's

Paycocke's is getting a new roof © James Butler

Paycocke's is getting a new roof

Latest update 24.08.2013 14:06

Paycocke's House was given a new roof in Winter 2011 as its previous roof was coming to the end of its serviceable life.

The past few hard winters had really accelerated its deterioration causing tiles to break up due to the action of frost, rain, snow and freezing temperatures.

We had also been very concerned by the amount of tile debris falling from the roofs and as a safety precaution we had to install steel guards to stop these tile fragments from falling to the ground.

Work at Paycocke's started on 3 October 2011 and was completed in March 2012 in time for the Spring re-opening in April.

As part of the project all existing roof tiles were taken off and sorted for re-use.  While the tiles were off we undertook structural timber repairs to stabilise the main roof structure and repaired other parts of the roof as and where required.

We also took the opportunity to upgrade insulation to the roof voids.

While we were closed we lifted the boards to the ground floor dining room to replace some damp-affected floor joists and try and improve floor ventilation generally to the ground floor.

As the house was covered in scaffold, timber hoarding’s were painted to match Paycocke’s by volunteer artist, Adrian Simpson. These were attached to the base of the scaffold at the front of the house.

Replacing the roof ensured the building remains secure and weathertight for decades to come and allowed us to undertake further internal interpretation of Paycocke's to improve the visitor experience.

The project cost £187,000 and was undertaken by Cubitt Theobald Ltd. from Long Melford.