Alexander Peckover -The peoples Baron

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Elevated to the peerage, 1907

1830 -1919

Lord Peckover 1907

Lord Peckover 1907

In 1907 Alexander was elevated to the peerage, in recognition of services to the County of Cambridgeshire as Lord Lieutenant from 1893 - 1906. Baron Peckover of Wisbech was the first member of the Society of Friends (Quaker) to become ennobled and this event caused much excitement throughout the town, as can be seen in images taken at the time, and is a reflection of the esteem in which Alexander was held.

Alexander previously, in 1905, had conferred on him by the university of Cambridge the honoury degree of Doctor of Law (LL.D.)

Alexander's library at Bank House was renowned for its valuable collection of early bibles, atlases and early printed books - one of which is still housed in the Library today, the Catechesis. He was a keen chess enthusiast, travelled widely in Europe and the Middle East, was a keen horticulturalist and botanist and a great walker.

Lord Lieutenant

The title Lord Lieutenant is given to the British monarch's personal representatives in a county with varying tasks.

A respected figure in Wisbech, Alexander Peckover held the role between 1893 - 1906