Conservation at Penrhyn

Conservation at Penrhyn © National Trust

Conservation at Penrhyn

At Penrhyn we look after many rooms and a large collection of objects.

We try to keep everything in the best condition possible to maintain them for future generations.

That's why we implement high standards of conservation.

Project Penrhyn

Little is known about Penrhyn's past because the Pennant family archive has never been catalogued.

Recently, a research student at Bangor University began reading and revealing some hidden stories.

Our collection

Would you like to know more about Penrhyn's collection?

There's lots of items to look at from Penrhyn and all over the National Trust. Search our new collections website to see what you can find out.

Penrhyn's history

Penrhyn Castle is a fantastic building, but when was it built, by whom and why? What style was it built in and what about the paintings?