Railway Museum

Industrial locomotives

You can get up close to these beautiful engines

You can get up close to these beautiful engines

Penrhyn Castle's Railway Museum is dedicated to industrial locomotives, some of which were once used in the Penrhyn quarry.

Open daily

Our Railway Museum is open daily for you to enjoy.

Visit to discover more about the previous lives of these engines and their connections with Penrhyn and the quarry.

Fire Queen

Enjoy this nice view of the old Fire Queen.

Fire Queen is one of the rarest locomotives and was among the first engines to be used on the Padarn Railway.

She was built by Horlock & Co in 1848 and has been lovingly restored to her original style by the Penrhyn museum team.


Step into the Railway Museum and see this nice Saddle Tank locomotive.

Charles, a saddle tank locomotive, has close connections with Penrhyn. Charles was one of the 'main line' engines used at Penrhyn Quarry.

Built by Hunslet Engine Co in 1882, Charles worked until the 1950s and was later restored.

Hugh Napier

A railway engineer tending the Hugh Napier Engine at Penrhyn Castle

Hugh Napier has just been lovingly restored by the National Trust and the Ffestiniog Railway Company.

The engine spent its working life at the Penrhyn quarries and was named after the 4th Baron Penrhyn.