Our work

Conservation on a grand scale

Reynolds conservation in action at Petworth House

Reynolds conservation in action at Petworth House

A major new conservation project is underway to restore Joshua Reynolds ‘Macbeth’.

Click here to watch the team in action.

What we're up to....

  • Ongoing improvement to our picture lighting project
  • Polishing the silver in the Servants' Quarters
  • Checking for insect pests in the furniture collection
  • Surveying the wildlife of Petworth Park
  • Looking after our herd of deer in Petworth Park
  • Trimming the lawns in the Pleasure Grounds

The 'Big Dig'

Petworth Big Dig

Petworth Big Dig

In July 2014, archaeologists, history experts, volunteers and local school groups have been carefully excavating trenches on Lawn Hill, in the stunning Petworth Park landscape. The search was on for Henry VIII’s Banqueting House; a reputed building alluded to on a map dated 1610, marked only as a mysterious tower.

As the dig gained momentum, finds including brick, stone and tile were unearthed and more enthralling layers of history were uncovered. Yet far from answering questions, some have left us postulating further on the structure’s elusive history.

Click here to watch a short video about the 'Big Dig.'

Conservation in Action

Conservation in Action team at Petworth House

All year round, our Conservation in Action team are busy cleaning and restoring items from the collection. Find out more about embroidery that was the work of Lady Jane Grey, Louis XV style walnut armchairs and carpet beetles by joining the team on Wednesdays between 12.30pm - 3.30pm for Conservation in Action (Mar-Nov).