Our work


From daily conservation and condition checks to the complete winter clean we’re constantly looking after our amazing collection. Find out more about what we do behind the scenes in the BBC series DVD 'Petworth House: The Big Spring Clean'.


Upstairs and downstairs, indoors and outdoors, we’re busy looking after this special place and working to reveal more clues into Petworth’s intriguing history.

What we're up to....

  • Archaeological excavations in the park
  • Checking for insect pests in the house
  • Surveying the toads of Petworth Park
  • Polishing the silver
  • Regular cleaning in the house
  • Condition checking some of the paintings in the house
  • Ongoing improvement to our picture lighting project

Archaeology project

Last summer we excavated trenches in front of the house and found evidence of the 'lost' north wing, as part of a year long archaeology project. This 2-minute video introduces the dig, excavations and subsequent exhibition. This summer's dig will focus on uncovering the 6th Duke's grand 17th century stables between the house and the upper pond.

It’s not all about the house; you could bring the park to life too © John Millar

It’s not all about the house; you could bring the park to life too

Want to join in?

Volunteers are involved in every aspect of our work, from archaeology and conservation cleaning to welcoming our visitors, there’s something for everyone.