Meet Plas Newydd volunteer Meg Houlsten

Meg loves to tell the stories of the rooms at Plas Newydd © National Trust

Meg loves to tell the stories of the rooms at Plas Newydd

Meg Houlsten
Room guide
Plas Newydd Country House

Why do you choose to spend your free time volunteering at Plas Newydd?

Firstly, I love antique furniture. Secondly, I love old houses. And thirdly, I need to be around people; to talk to people and tell them the stories of the rooms.

Why choose to volunteer your time room guiding?

I have been a  National Trust member  always wanted to volunteer my time with them. My favourite room is Lord Anglesey’s bedroom. I love everything about it, including the ghost.

Would you encourage other people to volunteer?

Yes, I’m always trying to encourage people to volunteer here. Most of our visitors and members are retired, so they have the free time to dedicate at places. Volunteering gives people something to do.

It is a great social activity. Not only are you always talking to the public, but you are also getting to know other volunteers.

What advice would you give to people who wish to start volunteering?

Just give it a go!