Discovering Mrs Greville's apartment

Come and see what we have found Mrs Greville’s apartments  © James Day

Come and see what we have found Mrs Greville’s apartments

The personal apartments of society hostess Mrs Greville are being re-discovered by our team. From cigarette holders and nicotine stains, to three kings on a bed, find out more about what we have found so far.

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Behind closed doors

Unlock the mansion to discover our secrets © Eddie Hyde

Unlock the mansion to discover our secrets

Our house is a bit like an iceberg, only a very small proportion of it is currently on view when you visit. Royal bedrooms and servants sculleries all belong to hidden Polesden Lacey. Our mansion project is in its infancy but we want to investigate the potential for opening up more of the house for you to visit.

Garden statues

Come and see our statues, an important feature of the gardens © National Trust

Come and see our statues, an important feature of the gardens

Our statues are an important feature of the gardens. Because they are out in the open and buffeted by the elements they are also one of our most vulnerable collections. Over the next two year we have put aside £25,000 to tackle some of the highest priority statues, work will begin this summer so watch out for our conservators in the gardens.

Completed projects

A royal party

Come and see a dinner table fit for a King © James Day

Essential for any hostess, the dining room was a focal point in Mrs Greville’s Edwardian entertaining. After a project funded by our raffle team the table is now set for dinner with the King. With the help of food historian Ivan Day, we completed a faithful recreation of the dinner given to King Edward VII on 6th June 1909.


One of our 4 seasons was stolen - can you spot the replacement? © National Trust

When Spring, one of our Four Season's statues was stolen, fundraising began for a replacement. Getting the copy just right was a tricky process as the lifesize teracotta statues are modelled by hand in clay. The finished product is now back with her sisters in the Ladies Garden. Can you spot the replacement when you visit?


The Portico bedroom

Come and see some original furniture in the restored Portico bedroom © National Trust

The Portico bedroom is the the only guest bedroom in our house open to the public. Opened in 2009 and funded by raffle money it allows us to show some of the furniture from what were originally 15 guest bedrooms. The bathroom is particularly rare, one of only a handful of en-suite bathrooms surviving intact from this era.


What are we working on?

Conservation in action by a work experience student at Castle Drogo, Devon

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