The Sèvres tea set

The tea set given to maid, Elsie © Eddie Hyde

The tea set given to maid, Elsie

This Sèvres tea set was designed in the early 1920s by Eric Bagge, an architect and interior decorator and we recently bought it back for the house at auction with generously donated gift funds.

It was given to Mrs Greville by her cousin, Baron Blanesburgh-Robert Younger and in 1940 she gave it to her maid, Elsie M. Grant.  We know this because a note written on Polesden Lacey headed paper came with it:

'1940 Sunday May 19th

This china was given me on the above date by

The Honourable Mrs Ronald Greville D.B.E.

Polesden Lacey

Nr Dorking


Madame told me Lord Blancborough [sic] had given it to her, and that the set was a good one. French Sèvres.'

The tea set was sent for conservation after auction where a number of chips and minor cracks were filled and consolidated. You'll find it in our tea room.