Edwardian opulence

"Ceci n'est pas une pipe." (This is not a pipe.) © Ben Walker

"Ceci n'est pas une pipe." (This is not a pipe.)

Fabergé, the famous Russian jewellers known for their lavish eggs, created all kinds of trinkets. This exquisite object is a superbly crafted, pipe-shaped cigarette holder, full of surprises.

This pipe is part of a major new exhibition at Powis Castle and Garden, exploring the life and times of George Herbert, 4th Earl of Powis, and his wife Violet and their impact on the castle throughout the first half of the 20th century. The architect, G F Bodley was employed to transform the castle into a house in which they could entertain guests and a home in which they could raise a family. George's vision was to restore the Jacobean splendour, sympathetically celebrating Powis's history.

The exhibition reflects the end of an era, but it is not just Edwardian pomp and opulence. Among other themes, this exhibition will consider the changing face of Powis during the early 1900s through a range of objects including game books, servant accounts, family photo albums and visitor books, signed by King Edward VII, Lord Kitchener, George, Prince of Wales and Victoria, Princess of Wales (later Queen Mary), among others.

The objects in the exhibition have been chosen to reveal the full magnificence and character of Edwardian Powis and the changes that took place throughout the early 1900s.

Discover the end of an era and be seduced by the beauty of the unexpected at Powis.