Enter a winter wonderland at Powis Castle

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Powis is unquestionably a garden for all seasons, with something to please the eye even in the crisp days of winter.

Wonderful winter structure

As the leaves fall, our garden takes on its winter guise. See the shapes of topiary and intricately trained fruit trees, sparkling under frost or casting their long shadows in the low afternoon light. This is the time to appreciate the garden’s structure and how it's been made.

The winter garden

Winter allows you to take a closer look at the landscape of our garden. Explore a wide selection of plants that flower or retain colour and textures during the grey days between November and February. Enjoy late autumn colour with Asters, Salvias, Hamamelis virginiana (Witch hazel), Photinias and Skimmia. You’ll even see red and shrubby fuchsias and indigofera flower right into the first winter frosts.

Celebrate winter with evergreens and berries, including Holly – Ilex, Choisya, Pyracantha and Cotoneaster.

The Stable Pond

Beyond the Daffodil Paddock lies a small pond, looking out to the edge of the deer park. It's the garden’s one natural water body, adding greatly to the variety of habitats for wildlife. On the far bank is a fine, multi-stemmed example of a curious form of the Japanese cedar known as Cryptomeria Japonica ‘Elegans’, grown for its feathery foliage and unique, burnished-bronze winter colour.

Ice House

Tucked under the trees on the Wilderness side of the pond is a subterranean Ice House, once carefully packed in winter with ice collected from the pond and preserved for summer use in the kitchens, to chill drinks and produce luxuries such as ice cream. Around it stand some of Powis’s, and indeed Britain’s, largest and finest Angelica trees.

As you head back towards the castle, you'll pass the fan-shaped foliage of a ginkgo tree, a plant which once grew in Britain in prehistoric times, making Powis’s 300 years seem no more than a blink in the eye of nature. But what a memorable blink it is.

Winter tradition

Every scrap of green waste from the garden is composted and, as in centuries past, the gardeners still go into the woods in winter to cut hazel twigs and poles for use as supports in the herbaceous borders

Throughout the site, whether in design, planting or practice, the old sits happily and productively with the new – surely a recipe for success in any garden.

Walking in winter  

With the dark and cold of winter outside, it's all too easy to slip into hibernation mode. But, if you wrap up warm, you'll soon find out that taking a winter walk is invigorating and good for you and your family. 

Blow away the cobwebs and enjoy a refreshing walk in a frosty garden. Your senses will be heightened, listen out for a variety of winter birds calling as they flit and forage for seeds.

See things from a new perspective and make your winter warmer afterwards in our restaurant seem all the more delicious. 

Time for a visit

Whether you come for one of our winter events, to tick off some more of our favourite 50 things to do before you’re 11¾, or simply to enjoy our awesome seasonal colours, you'll never forget experiencing our garden here at Powis in winter.

It’s time to start planning your visit now.