Wonders of nature

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What is a habitat?

A romantic depiction of Powis © National Trust

A habitat is the type of environment in which plants and animals live.

Habitat is dictated by what kinds of plants grow there, the climate and the geography.

Habitats at Powis

Powis Castle © National Trust

We have a wide selection of diverse habitats where particular kinds of plants and animals might be found.

These areas include wonderful woodland, ponds and wildflower meadows – a haven for wildlife.

Wonderful wildflowers

wonderful wildflowers © Stourhead images

Our wildflowers are simply bursting with colour and seductive scents, buzzing with insects and alive with animals.

A spectacular summer sight that’s full of life.


Powis Castle sunset © National Trust

Take a walk on the wild side and experience the wonders of woodland in our wilderness.

Woods continue to be an important feature of our landscape and cultural history and provide many different habitats for wildlife.

Watch out for:

  • This great spotted woodpecker has a beak full of insects © northeastwildlife.co.uk


    A striking bird

  • null © N.E.Wildlife

    Swifts & swallows

    Acrobatic fliers

  • null © Jim Bebbington

    Grass snakes

    Our gardener's friend

  • Hogweed Bonking Beetles © Jim Bebbington


    A diverse microworld

Birds of prey

red kite elegantly soaring

Buzzards, owls, kestrels and red kites - the national symbol of wildlife in Wales.

Look out for their forked tail and striking colour - predominantly chestnut red with white patches under the wings.


Come and meet our peacocks.

The national bird of India and an ancient symbol of glory and immortality.

Peacocks (peafowl) are one of the world's most beautiful birds. It's great to watch them flare their feathers.


Look out for the comma butterfly at Coleton Fishacre, South Devon

Our gardens are alive with delicate butterflies of different shapes, sizes, colours and patterns all fluttering around our flowers' sweet nectar.

How many will you spot at Powis?