A photo from 1946 showing the Palladian Bridge © National Monuments Record

A photo from 1946 showing the Palladian Bridge

A helping hand from nature

Local entrepreneur Ralph Allen wanted to create a garden that would blend seamlessly with the natural landscape and provide a stunning vista of the city below.

Prior Park Landscape Garden succeeds in combining natural elements with eye-catching features, such as the Palladian Bridge, and hidden sanctuaries like the Grotto.

From rags to riches

Ralph Allen's ambition and determination took him from a modest upbringing to fortune and worldwide fame.

Did you know...

Look out for 18th-century graffiti etched on the Palladian Bridge

  • Some of the graffiti on the Palladian bridge is over 200 years old.
  • Alexander Pope was a frequent visitor to Prior Park
  • Our ice house has a fascinating secret story

Development of the garden

Take a look at the evolution of the garden from the 18th century to the present day.