Slithering and Swimming

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• Grass snakes like to be by the river. They eat fish, frogs and tadpoles. Slow worms are often mistaken for snakes but are in fact legless lizards. They like to eat slugs and insects and are most commonly found near edges of woodland or hedgerows. Common lizards feed on insects and like other lizards can shed their tail to escape from predators, which include jays and foxes.
• These reptiles have all be found on the estate but are very rarely seen. They like basking in the sun, when they have warmed up they move fast!

• A three mile section of the River Bollin flows through the estate. In it trout and attractively marked minnow are found which both have a preference for fast-flowing water. Salmon have also been spotted in the river; these will be encouraged to swim upstream with the completion of our fish pass.