History of the Mill

Mill workers at Quarry Bank Mill c1890 © Quarry Bank Images

Mill workers at Quarry Bank Mill c1890

Working in the Mill

The Gregs employed hundreds of workers from the local area, Greater Manchester and sometimes from further across the country.

Mill workers performed difficult, exhausting tasks during long working days and were always at risk from accidents and industrial illnesses.

Styal village was built for the workers © Quarry Bank Mill Images

Styal village was built for the workers

Village life

Samuel Greg developed Styal Village for his expanding workforce in the late 18th and early 19th century.

The mill workers would walk through the fields to the village every morning and evening.

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A revolution

The Industrial Revolution originated in England in the late 18th century and allowed the cotton industry to expand at a remarkable rate.

The slave trade

The Greg family were the owners of Hillsborough plantation in the West Indies for more than 150 years. Samuel Greg inherited the plantation from his uncle in 1820.