The Bates


Matthew McNulty and Holly Lucas play Daniel and Susannah Bate © Channel 4/Ryan McNamara

Matthew McNulty and Holly Lucas play Daniel and Susannah Bate


Daniel Bate (Matthew McNulty)

Daniel is now Chief Engineer and the leader of the Union at Quarry Bank, and is desperately trying to muster support amongst the workers for the Chartist movement. He is frustrated at the lack of interest and this causes him to clash with overlooker John Howlett, his boss William Greg, and his wife Susannah. Will he be able to rally the mill workers to stand up for something bigger than themselves, and at what cost?

Susannah Bate (Holly Lucas)

Susannah is frustrated too, bored in the role of housewife and mother, and weary of Daniel fighting for everyone else’s family but their own. She is desperate to get back to work, even if this means putting her pride to one side.

Susannah and Daniel put their differences aside and reconcile, just in time to face the most testing time of their marriage together.

The fact: In 1788 Samuel Greg employed a man called Daniel Bate. Daniel was a clockmaker who Samuel bought out of debtors’ prison, and went on to become a mechanic in the Mill. He married former apprentice Caroline Holland, but they did not remain in Styal. There is no evidence of his political views or activities.

Susannah Catterall was an apprentice. She was one of the two apprentices at Quarry Bank Mill who appear in the records as having had a child while indentured, but the identity of the father remains a mystery. Little else is known about her.